Experts Predict Bright Future For Renewable Energy And Natural Gas In Texas

stock0019A new study is predicting that natural gas and renewable energy will be the main sources of electricity in Texas within the next 20 years. The prediction was made by a group of economists from The Brattle Group. The study was commissioned by the Texas Clean Energy Coalition who is a strong advocate of the complementing natural gas and renewable energy.

The prediction was based largely on the expectation that solar energy would experience a further decline in cost in within the next two decades. The high price of gas as well as the continuous increase of the commodity also influenced the prediction.

At present, renewable energy and natural gas account for 13 percent of electricity for the state. However, if the Federal Government decided to introduce more stringent policies on carbon emission, coal plants would be eliminated as a result. That move could increase the percentage of electricity generated by natural gas and renewables to 43% by 2032.


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